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Backyard Bonfire Pits Bring the Campfire Home

Backyard Bonfire Pits Bring the Campfire Home

At Firepitboss.com, we do fire pits and outdoor entertainment related items. You won't get lost on our site searching thru a list of unrelated products from keychains to the kitchen sink. You'll find portable bonfire pits for your patio, pool area or campsite and related accessories.                                                          

A Design Fire Pit Makes Your Favorite Theme Warm and Bright

A Design Fire Pit Makes Your Favorite Theme Warm and Bright



We Take Your Internet Security Seriously

Why risk an order with anyone else? We have built our business with you, the customer in mind. When you place your order for one of our products, you'll be using our secure payments server. You can rest assured that your purchase and information is protected and that your shipment is handled with the utmost care and attention. Please click on the Authorize.net logo in the upper left to verify our site.


You deserve elite quality. We take extreme care to insure that only the best bonfire pits and fire pit accessories are offered at firepitboss.com.


You deserve the best service. We are aware the you, likely, want a fire pit outside before your next party, family get together, or even to load up in the camper and take to your favorite campsite . With this in mind, we approach each and every order with the utmost attention to detail. Beginning with your shopping experience to checkout and ultimately the prompt, efficient packaging and shipping to your door. We expect you to be thrilled when that package arrives and you are able to enjoy your fire pit outside with your family and friends. We will settle for nothing less!

Ever wonder what people think of when a design fire pit or bonfire pits come to mind? They think of us! That's because, when it comes to fire pits, we're renowned for:

          * Fast shipping

          * Making every order a priority

          * Offering only the highest quality bonfire pits, fire grills, and fire pit accessories

          * Keeping the customer in mind every step of the way

          * Maintaining security and confidentiality throughout our site

          * Offering plenty of accessories to make your purchase complete and enjoyable

It is our goal to make your experience pleasant enough that you'll come back again and again. We also hope that you'll tell your friends and neighbors that firepitboss.com is the ultimate site when they see your design fire pit or bonfire pits and will, undoubtedly, want a fire pit outside on their patio just like you!

You've found the solution if you are looking to put a fire pit outside on the patio, by the pool, or even in the garden. You may be looking for portable bonfire pits that will wow the neighbors or your camping buddies. Just imagine portable bonfire pits as a hub in the social wheel. Fire pits are the perfect focal point that brings the family and friends together. There is just something memorable about stories told among friends while sitting around the fire pit outside under the stars! Our selection allows you to choose fire pits with your favorite theme to add that special touch that has been missing in your backyard, patio or pool area. For the college sports enthusiast, our Patina Team Logo Fire Pits section provides an opportunity to show off your team spirit. Order a team logo fire pit with handsome design cut outs of your favorite team logo, mascot and slogan.

Portable bonfire pits are a safer alternative to open flame campfires. Most come with a safety screen to arrest errant sparks. Many even come with a cooking grate that makes your fire pits double as barbecue grills. Consider taking a portable bonfire pit to your campsite. The design is more efficient that the traditional in-ground bonfire pit. The heat projects more directly due to the fact that the fire bowl is up off the ground on legs. Portable bonfire pits are easier to completely extinguish, leaving the chance of smoldering ashes much less than traditional bonfire pits. Please note: Portable bonfire pits will not make a bonfire completley safe. Extreme caution should be used anytime a bonfire is used.

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