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Firepitboss.com Opens for Business

Firepitboss.com Opens for Business

Firepitboss.com Opens for Business - Old Man Winter Denied Access to the Patio

Dated: Oct 28, 2011

Old man winter lurks around the corner, waiting to blow outdoor entertaining back inside to house. A new website is now opened for business featuring bonfire pits. Users refuse to concede the patio to his unscrupulous intentions, with a firepit.

Firepitboss.com offers a solution to cold, unused, patios during the winter. "Bonfire pits for backyard entertaining provide a deliberate space for healthy camaraderie" said John R Waren, owner of firebitboss.com, "Our family's need to spend as much time as possible together." Mr. Waren added that now is the perfect time to launch a site that provides patio entertaining enthusiast the opportunity to extend the use of the patio through the winter.

For a moderate investment and a little rearranging of the backyard, the company states that folks can deny old man winter access to the patio for good. "Until now, spring and summer have been the host's of the patio. It's time to take the patio back for the winter." Mr. Waren commented. A firepit outside on the patio is just too much for the old man and he may now be seen over at the neighbors that haven't denied him access.

The site is the first of a number of sites that the company is planning to launch. The sites are being designed to enhance the user's online shopping experience. Shoppers find fewer categories than many e-commerce websites. This niche driven concept is proving to afford shoppers fast, time saving, yet, informative online experiences.

The launch of this site is frowned upon by the old blue intruder. It is, nontheless, gaining popularity among home owners interested in extending the use of the patio. Users are finding it an inexpensive alternative to gas guzzling trips to find warmer entertainment. Log on today and protect your patio from hibernation this winter. ###

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by John Waren

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